What Are the Benefits of CBD Massage?

As a lover of alternative medicine, you’ve probably heard of or tried medical marijuana. Did you know that cannabidiol (CBD) can also improve your state of mindfulness during a massage treatment? This type of meditative exercise reduces stress by focusing your mind on positive thoughts and feelings. As the movement to legalize marijuana gathers steam, you’re bound to enjoy more benefits of CBD massage.

More about CBD and How It Works

Your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that promotes homeostasis, a process that triggers a balanced response to changes in internal and external environments. It also adjusts your appetite, mood, memory, pain sensation, and stress response.

The ECS facilitates communication between mind and body by regulating the nervous and immune systems. Endocannabinoids are naturally-produced neurotransmitters that activate cannabinoid receptors all over the body. CB1 and CB2 receptors also recognize plant-based cannabinoids such as CBD. That means CBD can benefit your ECS in a similar way to naturally-secreted cannabinoids.

The Perks of Getting CBD Massage?

A CBD oil massage provides the satisfaction of a regular massage while including the added benefits of CBD, such as:

1. Reduced tension

Cannabinoid receptors get activated during a massage with CBD oil. Cannabinoids come into contact with the ECS through the skin, a process that helps to relax your muscles. This massage oil doesn’t contain THC, the main ingredient that makes cannabis users high. You can therefore enjoy the satisfying massage afterglow without worrying about being stoned.

2. Chronic pain relief

Medical marijuana gained widespread acceptance as an alternative form of therapy due to its ability to relieve chronic pain. A CBD massage also offers you this health benefit by soothing sore muscles and reducing inflammation. It’s especially suitable if you suffer arthritis, back pain, inflamed joints, and other forms of chronic pain.

3. Stress and anxiety alleviation

CBD oil creates a soothing effect without getting you high, making it an alternative therapy for anxiety and stress relief. Ongoing research shows promising results for the treatment of common mental disorders. A CBD massage creates the perfect balance between physical relaxation and mental wellness.

4. Healthier skin

Did you know that CBD oil also has impressive skin moisturizing properties? That’s because it contains hemp, which makes your skin supple in addition to making you feel relaxed. Therapists recommend it if you suffer from dry skin, cellulite, eczema, acne, and other skin problems. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also reduce the accompanying pain and general discomfort.

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5. Better mood

If you’re a regular massage recipient, you already understand its rewarding characteristics. The physical and mental relaxation you feel afterward helps you forget your worries and have positive thoughts. The addition of CBD oil heightens this enjoyable experience by giving you a blissful feeling.

6. Sensory stimulation

A CBD oil massage greatly invigorates your senses. That’s because it stimulates your mind, muscles, and skin at the same time. This sensation makes you feel a deeper connection with your mind, body, and soul that helps you stay alert in a fast-paced world.

In addition to clients, massage therapists also reap the benefits of CBD remedies. The World Health Organization lists naturally occurring CBD as a safe therapeutic relief option for humans and animals. Professionals who use CBD oil don’t report having wrist pain and other discomforts associated with the occupation.

Restore Your Wellness with CBD Massage

If you want to restore your wellness, then try CBD massage therapy. It’s the best way to ease anxiety, relieve pain, and get rid of skin issues.

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