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Aspired Blog is dedicated to protecting and respecting your privacy. Our Privacy Policy governs how we process the private information that you give to us or the ones we collect from you. As you use our site, you agree to the collection of your information, which is subject to this policy. However, you are not necessarily required to provide your personal information as a visitor on our blog. To understand our practices concerning how we handle or use your personal data, please go through the following Privacy Policy carefully so you can make informed choices when sharing your data with us.

2. Data Collection and Usage

Data refers to any information about individuals that can be used to identify the said individual. It includes but not limited to your name, telephone number, and your contact address, such as your postal address and email. Since you can browse our blog without having to provide your personal data, we will only collect the information with your consent. In the event that you disclose your personal data to us, we guarantee utmost confidentiality as we have put in place strict policies to guard your privacy.

3. Cookies

Cookies enable us to keep track of your website visitors’ activity, so we can improve our service and offer a better user experience. They are text files containing small pieces of information like user id and password that are stored by your web browser on your device when you are using a website. Since cookies help us record your browsing activity, it enables us to personalize for you the content that you see on our website.

You have the option to disable cookies on your browser or set it to notify you when cookies are being sent. However, disabling cookies may prevent you from accessing our site’s functionality optimally. As such, we advise you to keep them turned on for the best browsing experience.

3. Third-Party Sites

When browsing our website, visitors may encounter ads or content that links to third parties such as licensors, partners, and advertisers. The third-party content, including sites, services, and links, may change from time to time. It is important to note that the content that appears on the third-party sites are not under our control. Therefore, we do not assume responsibility for any practices taken by the third-party websites linked to our website. By interacting with any other website, your interaction is subject to the new website’s terms and policies.

4. Links to Other Sites

Visitors to our website may also find links to other sites such as those of our suppliers, sponsors, and other third parties. When you click on the links, you’ll be directed to the third-party websites with different terms and Privacy Policies. We highly recommend that you go through the Privacy Policies of every website you visit or get directed to as we won’t be liable for the practices employed by third party sites.

5. Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy takes effect on July 1, 2020, and will be maintained up to when new changes are made in the future. In case of any changes, they will be in effect as soon as they are posted here. We may update or alter our privacy policy as we deem necessary. Therefore, we advise you to review this Privacy Policy in case of any changes regularly.

Continued use of our website after we post any alteration to our policy serves as an acknowledgment of the changes and an agreement to be subjected to the Privacy Policy. Any changes will be communicated to you via the email you provide, or through a notice on our website.

6. Contact Us

For any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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