7 Great Business Ideas You Can Pursue in Kenya

Even if you’ve money to start a new business, it can sometimes be tricky to come up with the best idea. While you can find lots of options on the web, you need to do intensive research before making your final decision. In this article, we’ll share the best business you can start with a low budget in Kenya and reap substantial profits with a short time.

1. Fruit Vendor

Becoming a fruiterer in Kenya is one of the wise decisions an individual can make. If you know where you can get different types of fruits all-round the year, you can install a Kiosk near the entrance of your residential estate. The best thing about fruit selling is that you need a small budget to launch your business. Some of the essential items you’ll require before kick-starting your kiosk include cutlery, chopping board, and parking bags.

2. Electronic Repairs

99 percent of households in Kenya have one or more electronic devices, according to the National ICT Survey Report. This means the demand for technicians to fix any glitches of these gadgets is bumping up. If you have a passion for digital devices and necessary skills for repairing phones, TVs, and Computers, you can open a physical store in your town. Apart from repairing these gadgets, you can do software installations as well as sell phone cases, chargers and screen protectors.

3. Photo Studio

Running a photo studio is a new business idea in Kenya that many people haven’t discovered. Although it may need a relatively high capital than other startups, the ROI of this venture is much better. To succeed in photo shooting, you must have a good camera and a computer for editing the images. The good thing with photo studio is that there are great deals you can get for outdoor shooting. From weddings to funerals to graduation parties, you can have plenty of deals to strike if you are a passionate cameraman.

4. Local Movers

More and more people keep migrating from one rental home to another, especially in the capital. And oftentimes, tenants don’t have the means to move their household items to the new rentals. If you are an opportunist, this business idea can be an excellent option to choose from. To jump into this venture, you need to have either a cart or pick up depending on your budget. You can start with a handcart and later buy a pick up for light transport services.

5. Hair Stylish

You can either become a hairdresser or barber. People don’t cut their own hair, so having a barber store is the surest way to earn quick cash without digging deep in your pocket. As long as you’ve hairdressing skills, you can start with a few types of equipment before advancing to a top-notch spa. And it’s easy to win more customers if you do your job correctly, no matter the location of your business. People who seek hair stylish services are picky and they can become your regular customers when they are satisfied with your job.

6. Thrift Store

More Kenyans are always going frugal route, and a higher percentage of middle, as well as lower-class citizens, shop their clothing and other accessories in thrift stores. This means opening a second-hand store for either clothes, shoes and beddings can pay off your favor. This business idea is ideal for those who know the turns and twists of getting quality second-hand goods through a legal means. Don’t start this kind of business and rely on selling goods that have been stolen from other people.

7. Local Detergents

Soap and soapless detergents are becoming expensive across the country and people have started to look for cheap cleansing agents. If you have the skills to make liquid soap and other laundry detergents, you can start this business with as low as $50. The best thing about this business idea is that you don’t need lots of equipment to launch it. Once you prepare your detergent, you can store it in the plastic water bottles and begin moving from one estate to another, looking for customers.

There are plenty of small businesses you can pursue in Kenya with a low budget. What you need are a little capital and some online research. And before you start the business, make sure your target prospects are available. Not every business can fit your location, so be sure to study your neighbor’s way of life before making your final decision.

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