7 Ways to Live a Frugal Life

Today’s economy is very tight, and the prices of essential products in the market are on an upward trend.  However, there are simple ways to achieve your frugal goals such as reducing consumption, using free alternatives, and sharing expenses with your spouse, friend, or family. Here are a few frugal tips to help you spend less and save more for future endeavor.

1. Grow Your Own Food

Veggies and fruits are somewhat expensive to buy especially in their low season. You can set up a small garden in your backyard and plant some veggies such as kales, carrots, potatoes and so on. Growing your own vegetables means that you save more because you don’t have to purchase them from the grocer.

The good news is that, not only growing your own food help you live frugally but also come with many health benefits. No matter where you are in the world, there are plenty of fruits and veggies that can thrive and flourish in your local area.

2. Shop at Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are full of furniture, books, clothes, vintage silverware, utensils, leather purses, and toys, and the list is endless. You can buy lots of stuff at a massively reduced price. Thrift shopping can help to save your money than first-hand, and once you shop at the right stores, you can sometimes get a brand new product at a reduced price. You can search your local thrift store online and once you find it, pay a visit during one of your free afternoons, and you’ll be surprised—there are lots of goodies at a low price, and some goes for less than a dollar.

3. Invest in a Deep Freezer

With deep freezer in your home, you can shop for groceries at their high season. Consider to buy them in bulk from your local farmers at a wholesale price and stock them in the freezer for future use. If you want to have meat or pork while staying frugal, buy a whole pig or half a cow in your local slaughterhouse and store them in your freezer. That way, it is possible to spend less when you make use of your chest freezer. In case of leftovers, pack them well and store them in the fridge instead of dumping them in the bin.

4. Consider Walking or Cycling to Work

Do you know that walking or cycling to work can help to save lots of money? Probably you pay some dollars in the form of fare or buying petrol. Walking or riding a bicycle to work is an excellent way to minimize your expenditure.

The good news is this tip of frugal living not only helps you to save a lot of money but also has health benefits. Regular walking and cycling is a form of aerobic activity. It strengthens your bones, burns body fats, reduces depression and boosts cardiovascular fitness—this means that chances of becoming sick are low. Stay healthy all year-round can help you to save on medical bills.

5. Cut Down Your TV Cable

Just like jewelry, alcohol, and pets, having a TV in your home is an extra luxury. However, you can spend less on your TV bills when you cut down some of your cable providers. When you are living in the city, you can purchase an antenna for local channels, which means that you’ve reduced TV bill half way. However, the antenna doesn’t work for those living away from the city.  The cheapest way to enjoy TV out of the town is to subscribe to a monthly local package—it helps to save a lot.

6. Shop Seasonally

It is common to find that farm produce very cheap in specific seasons. For example, in the mid-summer, you can buy berries, apples, and beans at a throw-away price. Some expensive items such as phones, cars, and electronics usually have a higher percentage of discounts at specific time of the year. As winter kicks off, things such as air conditioners become very cheap.

In September and October, closet stores begin to sell their items at a meager price to clear the old stock and start preparing for Christmas holiday new arrivals. As per Investopedia, you can shop for cheap new or second-hand cars as from December via February. This time of the year, most people are out of the country spending their money as tourists in different destinations.

7. More Tips to Spend Less

Going frugal means sharing with your community. It involves trust between you and your friends. When trust develops, you can borrow tools from your friends instead of buying new ones. To save on electricity bills, put more layers in cold seasons. No need to go to the cinema halls to watch a movie, steal them from movie websites.

Make use of your local library and borrow some books, novels, magazines and so on. You can spend most of your time in the weekend playing football in your homes yard or join your local football or basketball club instead of spending money on alcohol or coffee in your nearby restaurant—give up on such luxuries! Keep your smartphone at bay and buy a clamshell. Cook your own food instead of buying from a fancy restaurant. Probably you can cut your friend’s hair and let him shave you too.

Unless you have won a lottery or you are the son of the king, it’s possible that you’ve probably thought of ways to live on less money. There are plenty of simple ideas that can help you go frugal and save a lot. Even if you can’t embrace all these tips, indeed you can adopt a few of them.

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