Top 5 RV Repairs to Watch Out for Before the Camping Season

Having your RV in top condition is paramount before embarking on a camping expedition. Servicing your RV before the camping season saves you the hustle of rush hour expenses on repairs. Here, we are going to discuss five RV repairs to look out for as you make camping plans. 

1. Air Conditioning Units

Traveling in a stuffy RV is unbearable. With temperatures peaking every year, it is logical to ensure that your RV’s air conditioning system is functional. We recommend the replacement of faulty air conditioning systems before setting out on your expeditions. Before replacing an entire air conditioning unit, we suggest the following RV repairs;

  • Removing and cleaning the filters of your RV’s air conditioning unit
  • Inspecting the air conditioning unit for leaks
  • inspecting the air condition’s heating element 
  • Recharging the RV’s cooling agent
  • Removing clogged debris from the air conditioning unit

2. Generators

All electrical appliances in your RV are powered by a generator. A properly functioning generator ensures that all your RV’s systems are up at all times. Servicing or repairing your RV’s generator before an excursion is important. The following should be done to your RV’s generator as you make your camping plans;

  • Replacing the oil
  • Inspecting the electrical unit and wiring
  • Repairing system leaks
  • Removing debris
  • Inspecting the generator’s cooling system

3. Ensuring That The Water Heater, Stove, And Propane Tank Are Functional

An RV is habitable if core appliances such as the stove, water heating unit and propane tank are functional. These appliances will enable you to prepare meals and maintain body hygiene when you are out camping.  

It is important to clean the stove’s hood, adjust its LP pressure, and test for leaks in its hoses. As for the propane tank, testing all pipes and hoses for pressure and damage is important. You can also check the heating system and gas pressure of your water heaters.

4. Electrical 

Before you go out camping on an RV, make sure that all electrical systems are functional. The easiest way to achieve this is by replacing all damaged wires. It is also essential to inspect your RV’s electrical breaker system. Finally, check and repair damage to the lighting and appliance wiring. An RV with proper electrical wiring guarantees you peace of mind during your expeditions.

5. Video/Audio

RV’s are an extension of your living environment. It is essential to have all the communication systems in your RV functional while out in the wild. Having video and audio systems that work is important in receiving important weather and new updates. Additionally, functioning audio and video systems can be used for entertainment. Be sure to check that your RV’s TVs, DVD players, Stereos, Speakers, and camera systems are functional.

Are you an RV owner planning to embark on excursions using your RV? If yes, we recommend performing RV repairs on; air conditioning units, generators, video & audio systems, electrical wiring, and appliances. Routine RV repairs guarantee the smooth running of your RV while you are having fun outdoors.  

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