What are Interior Design Ideas for a Living Room?

The living room is arguably everyone’s favorite part of the house. It has a variety of uses, including social gatherings and entertainment. To make it more elegant, comfortable, and functional, you must consider the personalities and tastes of all who use it. Since this room’s interior decor possibilities are endless, some of the most popular options include:


This design element is one of the most important in interior design. Without light, other aspects of your interior decor, such as shapes, texture, and color, wouldn’t be enjoyable. When choosing lighting options, consider that the living room is often the most extensive and busiest in the house.

Layered lighting is perfect for illuminating all parts of the room by enhancing ambiance, functionality, and accent. They include chandeliers, floor and table lamps, wall lights, and recessed lighting. Candlelight also adds elegance, warmth, and comfort to the living room.

Indoor Plants and Vases

Other than purifying the air, indoor plants have a positive psychological effect. They help improve your moods, reduce noise levels, and make the space more rejuvenating, inviting, and luxurious. There are numerous presentation options for indoor plants, depending on their size. You can hang them or place them on a ledge, corner, beside the staircase, and decorative shelves.

Floral arrangements also immediately improve the lighting in the room, as well as adding color to it. Apart from holding your indoor plants, vases are interior decor accessories in their own right. They consist of glass, clay, ceramic, metal, plastic, porcelain, and wood. They’re suitable for enriching the room’s texture and contrast.

Plush Rug

You can never go wrong with a cozy living room rug, preferably one that’s soft-textured. It should also have a color that matches your interior design theme or a beautiful pattern. The feeling of warmth and comfort it provides puts you in a relaxed mood.  It encourages you to stay home and enjoy a book, watch a movie, listen to soft music, or socialize with family and friends.

Coffee Table

The right coffee table acts as a central piece of furniture in the living room. It isn’t just a functional item, but a great way to influence the color, contrast, height, and texture of other items. Coffee tables are also perfect for displaying items such as books, seasonal flowers, trinkets, and complementary candles.

You can make your favorite accessory stand out by displaying it in the center of the table. If you have more items to show off, you may opt for a two-tiered table. You have diverse options when it comes to choosing coffee tables, ranging from their height, materials used, to shapes. Main coffee table designs include modern, contemporary, industrial, shaker, and cottage styles.

Personal Accessories

A personal touch makes your living room more comfortable and homely. By accessorizing with items that have special meaning to you or your family, you give this space a unique decor that no one else can replicate.

These items include souvenirs, favorite books, wall art, family portraits, or photos taken on adventures. They’re accessories that other people wouldn’t easily purchase in a store or order online.


Although they’re a requirement in nearly all living rooms, curtains don’t have to be dull. They give the room character, color, and control the amount of natural light flowing in. Depending on your needs, you can install sheer curtains, blackout panels, and top treatment curtains.

While shopping for these fabrics, consider factors such as texture, color, ease of maintenance, length, width, lighting, lining, and cost. Floor-length curtains are simple, trendy, and elegant ideas to complete your living room’s design.


Decorative, accent, and throw pillows have both functional and design features. Apart from offering comfort and much-needed neck and back support, they add color and vibrance to your furniture and the entire room.

They’re also a cost effective way of adding texture, patterns, and contrast to your space. You can even tweak the living room decor by changing the pillows with every new season.


Other than beautifying your living room, mirrors make it appear larger and brighter. You can also experiment with diverse styles, sizes, frame colors, and placement heights. You can place them behind sofas, over the fireplace, or standing against a wall.

The bigger a mirror is, the brighter the room will be because it will reflect the lighting. Chrome mirrors are a favorite of many interior decorators because they introduce a unique element that helps break the rigidity of your space. Other ideas include floor-to-ceiling and hanging mirrors. Hand-carved and exquisitely designed mirror frames add to the elegance.

And Finally…

Now that you have these superb living room decor tips, implementing them should be a walk in the park. You can always customize them to blend current trends, functionality, and personal tastes. With inspiration all around, you’re bound to come up with several excellent ideas that the whole family will love.

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