The Best Way To Keep Your Tile Roof Clean

Algae growth on your roof tiles can be a real eyesore. Aesthetics aside, if unchecked, the growth may contribute towards compromising the integrity of your roof and shortening its lifespan. How? The algae will, over time, cause the protective UV layer on your roof to come off, and dry out.

Removing the Algae

It is not easy to miss algae growth on your roof. Black or dark streaks down your roof tiles are a dead giveaway. This shouldn’t be confused with green stains, which is characteristic of moss growth and not algae. If unsure, invite the experts for an inspection to help determine if the stains are indeed from algae growth or something else.

Professional roof cleaning can take care of removing roof algae. You should avoid DIY to avoid any mistakes that would otherwise damage the roofing tiles and void your roof warranties. A bi-annual schedule for inspecting and cleaning your roof, including getting rid of the algae growth can ensure your roof lasts up to twice as long.

Preventing Algae Growth

It is always better when you can be proactive about taking care of your roof. Think of preventing the growth of the roof algae, as opposed to waiting to have to clean it off. Cleaning the roof will, after all, not prevent your algae growth problem from recurring.

Enter Roof Rain, which is an algae prevention solution that will keep your roof looking great, for a long time. This 100% natural solution guarantees up to 2 years of algae growth prevention. It works over time and is activated by the sun’s UV rays and water.

Your roofing company will only apply the solution on a clean roof. You should, therefore, be ready to schedule the cleaning first. The only exception to this is if your roof has been cleaned in the last two years and is still clean, in which case, the roofer will go ahead and apply or re-apply the algae growth prevention solution.

Call the Experts

The algae problem is fairly common in areas across the globe, where warm and humid succinctly describes the predominant climate for most of the year. As a property owner, or manager, you shouldn’t neglect taking care of your roof, and this means removing and preventing algae growth.

How Roofing Pros Clean Your Tile Roof

Roof cleaning might seem to be an easy task but this applies only to the pros. If you don’t have skills for making your tiles clean, don’t try to perform this task. Cleaning your home’s roof when you aren’t a pro can be a risky affair. So how do roofers perform this job? Let’s get a closer look at a few steps roofing experts take when cleaning your tile roof:

Pressure wash: Using power sprayer, your roof’s surface is washed from the ridge going down to the gutters. The idea behind using a sprayer is to remove visible dirt such as debris, leaves, twigs and dead insects. After clearing this dirt, let the roof to dry before going to the next step.

Apply chemical: When the roof is completely dry, it’s being treated using a special chemical. The chemical solution is applied using the pressure washer. Let the roof dry for a few minutes for the chemical to work.

Rinse the surface: this step is dependent on the amount of algae and stains on the roof. The more stains, the more strenuous the rinsing off. To perform this task perfectly, set your power washer at a high psi. Always begin rinsing off using the top-bottom method.

Gutter cleaning: After the roof surface is completely clean, the next step is to remove the debris and dirty in the gutters. The important thing is to check whether there are some damages on the gutters that need to be fixed.

Inspection and repairs: Even if the roof is clean, you need to check for damages. If you notice some issues such as cracked, broken or wrecked tiles make sure to replace them as quickly as possible to avoid leaks.

Reseal and repaint: for the best results, consider resealing your roof’s surface to protect it from elements. You can also opt to repaint it with a different color or apply another coat of the initial color.

And Finally…

Your home’s roof is an essential component of your home. When it’s not in its top condition, you and your belonging are at risk. While the roof can for more than 50 years, changes in weather and constant exposure to elements reduce its lifespan. To ensure an increase in the longevity of your roof, make sure you schedule a regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning.

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