5 Reasons to Drink More Water and Tips to Increase Your Intake

Water is essential for life. Its importance to bodily functions cannot be overemphasized. What with the human body being composed of not less than 70% water? You can meet your daily requirement of life-giving water by drinking other fluids, but this is not ideal. Those other drinks come with their health issues, which are not worth the risk involved. Here is why you need more water and how you can increase your intake:

1. Water Protects Your Spinal Cord

When you drink the right amount of water, it protects your spinal cord. Dehydration affects your spine by slowing the rate at which it repairs itself. However, your age and health are other factors you should consider when thinking about how fast your spine should mend itself.

Your spine gets rehydrated at night when you are resting, and this can only effectively happen when you have taken enough water during the day. Taking insufficient amounts of water can result in the discs of the spinal column becoming herniated or bulging.

2. Water Heightens Your Moods

Health professionals recommend that you should drink eight glasses of water every day. Each of these glasses should have a capacity of eight ounces. With enough water in your body, there is free movement of hormones and nutrients in your vessels.

These hormones include endorphins, which make you feel good, say, after having taken a sumptuous meal. Otherwise, dehydration leaves you feeling sad and confused because it causes an imbalance of hormones in your body. If you want to feel happier, drink lots of water.

3. Keep Headaches At Bay

Most of the times you get a headache, you might have prevented it by just taking a little bit more water. Occasionally, this problem results from dehydration, and a glass of water can help relieve the pain.

When you lack sufficient amounts of water in your body, your brain shrinks in size and activates the pain receptors surrounding it, bringing you a headache. Before going for a pain reliever whenever you have such trouble, try some water instead. It might save you a few hard-earned coins. 

4. Maintain a Youthful Look

When you drink the recommended amount of water every day, it keeps your skin looking younger and brighter. Your body is always eliminating toxins through your skin, and when they accumulate on the surface of your body, they produce blemishes.

Water moisturizes your skin and helps clear away these toxic substances, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh. You might have become accustomed to buying moisturizers from the drug store, but why not try and use the natural substitute, which is water?

5. Achieve Weight Loss

You may ask whether water helps with weight is, and the simple answer is, “Yes, it does.” When you drink water, it not only enhances your metabolism but also suppresses your appetite. Under normal circumstances, your body retains some water, which adds to your weight. However, when you increase your daily intake, this water retention comes to a standstill, and then you lose extra pounds.

How To Increase Your Daily Water Intake

You can increase the amount of water you take daily by:

  • carrying a water bottle from which you can take some sips throughout the day
  • drinking a glass of water before every meal, and another one once the meal is over
  • taking some decaffeinated herbal tea to wind down when going to bed, or
  • adding some cucumber slices to your water for some extra flavor.

Final Thought About Why You Should Drink More Water

Water is ubiquitous, and this makes many people unaware of the need to drink enough of it. It is essential for bodily functions, but different scientists offer different opinions regarding how much should be the recommended daily intake. Water is also necessary if all the cells and organs in your body have to function correctly.

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