The Art of Making a Perfect Smoothie for Summer

The quest to maintain a healthy body is a modern-day topic that clicks in the mind of every person, and many people seem to spend more time searching for healthy recipes. They hope that cooking delicious meals will automatically help them achieve the best eating habit. This belief is correct and combining the meals with a perfect smoothie can be much helpful, especially during hot days.

For many, having a smoothie is a natural part of their daily lives. It helps to start the day with energy and pleasure. It also keeps our immune system in the sweet spot as the combination of its ingredients has a plethora of immune boosters. However, not all smoothies have healthy properties. The standards for making them nowadays are off the chart. Many people are adding artificial sweeteners and preservatives, which significantly lowers the nutritional value of the smoothies.

Embrace These 4 Steps for Making a Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie

There are three primary aspects to making a fantastic smoothie. The first thing is choosing the right ingredients. This involves a broad spectrum of healthy fats, frozen fruits, and vegetables. The second step is getting the right proportion. The idea here is to get a suitable thickness and texture. Ultimately, choose the right storage containers. You can either store your smoothie using the smoothie bowl or customized bottles.

Now, let us look at simple steps to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie:

Step I: Get The Right Liquid Base

For the health of your body, picking a liquid base that contains less sugar content is the way to go, preferably low-fat milk, coconut water or fresh water.

Step II: Add Fruits and Vegetables of Your Choice

Add 1-2 cups of both fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. The types of fruits and vegetables to add depends on your preference, but it’s a good idea to have a combination that provides fiber in your smoothie. As you add fruits, never fail to include banana in your mix because it has all the essential nutrients such as fiber, proteins, vitamin B6, potassium and other health properties.

Step III: Check The Thickness          

The thickness of the smoothie is a personal choice. For those who like something dilute, adding coconut water can help to achieve your best thickness. If you enjoy having a thicker smoothie, use the minimum amount of liquid base.

Step IV: Customize The Flavor

There are varieties of natural flavors you can add to your smoothie. Substances such as honey, cinnamon or ginger can twist the taste of your smoothie. While artificial flavors may seem fantastic when making your smoothie, they’ve less-importance as most of them can cause havoc on your health.

Blending Your Smoothie

Finalize the art of making your smoothie by putting all the constituents into your blender. The process of blending depends on your blender and the number of ingredients. If you’ve picked a wide range of ingredients, it means you’ll use more minutes blending them until they are all entirely crushed. Make sure that you blend the smoothie until the liquid is fully circulating in the blender. For the best results, blend your smoothie for at least one minute.

Once you are through with blending, begin the troubleshooting process. Check the thickness, taste, and if the ingredients have mixed well. If the smoothie is bitter, add more sweet fruits like oranges and mangoes. For frothy and runny results, you can alleviate this problem by adding more thickening ingredients such as bananas, avocados and chia seed gel.

You don’t have to prepare the smoothie daily as this may be costly. Make at least ten liters, then store it in a deep freezer with customized bottles or any other containers. This way, you’ll be picking one or two bottles a day.

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