Content Marketing Tips: What Techniques You Should and Shouldn’t Use to Optimize Reader Retention

There are hundreds of millions of active websites in cyberspace. For yours to stand out, it must have some unique, high-quality content. Other than attracting new readers, your content marketing efforts should keep them coming back for more. This article will outline some valuable reader retention strategies and tell you which ones to avoid.

The Best Reader Retention Techniques

1. Create Engaging Content

Top notch content not only hooks your readers but makes them look forward to your next post. Although you might cover topics that others have addressed, your unique narration style will win loyal readers. Write in a natural, conversational tone that flows effortlessly.

One way of retaining readers is by allowing user-generated content. The current generation of your audience grew in a world that allowed them to voice their opinions. By adding interactive elements to your site, you’ll encourage passive readers to become active.

You can allow polls on contentious topics and create some fun but educational quizzes for your readers. Try and encourage them to share their own stories through guest posts, social media, images, and videos. Create suspense by breaking long posts into installments.

2. Embrace Content Variety

Experiment with various content types to reduce the monotony of text. Other than standard blog posts, add images to make them more appealing. Additional types of content are list articles, long-form posts, infographics, case studies, white papers, eBooks, and templates.

Users increasingly prefer video due to higher and affordable bandwidth speeds. Complement your text with shareable videos that encourage readers to keep checking your site for new posts. Over time, you’ll have a content mix that optimizes reader retention.

3. Publish Consistently

What happens when your readers want more, but you can’t satisfy the demand? If you keep them waiting for long periods, their interest will wane. It’s advisable to have a realistic schedule you can follow. To avoid frustrating your readers, let them know your posting frequency.

If you post once a week, it should be on the same day. Content creation can be overwhelming because it includes research, social media posts, and engagement with your audience. You can reduce this burden by outsourcing some aspects of the process.

Once you have an outline of your idea or topic, you can look for a freelance writer for hire. That way, your readers will always have fresh and engaging content to consume.

4. Allow Constructive Feedback

Most webmasters and social media influencers are wary of online trolls and spammers. Although you might want to turn off the comments and sharing features, it’s more beneficial when they’re active. WordPress and other platforms have practical features to filter out unwanted contributions.

User feedback helps you gauge the impact of your posts. By continuing the discussion after reading your posts, they also give you ideas on your next topic. Vibrant debates, shares, and other forms of interaction create a community of loyal readers that keep coming back.

5. Customize Your Content

Your fanbase is more likely to grow if you can successfully tap into individual readers’ emotions. Although written for thousands or even millions, each member of your audience should feel like the post specifically addresses them.

Email marketing helps you customize your user experience. Every time your reader receives a newsletter, they imagine it as a one-on-one conversation with you. You can personalize this correspondence by inserting their names at particular intervals and encouraging them to keep visiting your website.

Another benefit of email marketing is the ability to view open and click rates, as well as other useful analytics. These stats help you figure out and invest more in the type of content that gets positive responses.

The Don’ts of Content Marketing

Spamming is an annoying habit that turns off potential long term readers. While it’s advisable to promote your content, do it reasonably. One email newsletter per month is enough unless you’re doing a short term campaign. Although there’s no clear stipulation on the number of blog posts, your audience will appreciate a steady stream.

Your blog might depend on affiliate commissions and other paid promotions for sustenance. That doesn’t mean you should plug these products and services in a way that feels forced. Your audience won’t appreciate in-your-face marketing attempts. Other tips are:

Shunning Flexibility

As a serious content creator, you might already have a schedule of upcoming articles. Although this is commendable, you should always be flexible enough to take advantage of emerging trends. A well-researched and written post on a previously unforeseen subject can go viral and earn new long term subscribers.

Avoid having a monopoly on the content creation process. The best ideas come from the most unexpected sources. Keep an open mind when reviewing feedback and suggestions.

Being Strict On Word Limits

You might set out to write a 500-word article, only to come across more information during research. If you insist on the original limit, your content will feel incomplete, unnatural, and inconsistent. It’s better to write a series of short articles on the same topic than attempt to cram all the information in one.

Failing to Invest in Editing Solutions

While your article might have the information to keep your readers hooked, a few unintended mistakes might turn them off. Typos and innocent grammatical errors show your audience that you don’t review your work. It makes them focus on these distractions rather than your message.

An independent editor is more likely to catch these issues because they look at your content with a fresh pair of eyes. Online grammar tools also serve as plagiarism checkers to ensure your content is always 100% original.

Ignoring Your Sales Funnel

If you sell products and services through your website, you should do it subtly. Consumers rarely purchase after viewing the first pitch. It’s advisable to do so at reasonable intervals and through various channels. You can market through links in articles, YouTube videos, email, and social media posts.

Giving freebies such as eBooks is a proven method of both retaining readers and increasing long term income.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips, your content marketing strategy is bound to produce positive results. Consistency is essential to success. Prioritize quality over quantity. One high-quality post per month will be more effective at retaining readers than ten rushed articles. If you focus on giving your audience the best possible user experience, they’ll reward you with loyalty and long-term passive income.

Elisha Philip

Elisha is a qualified freelance writer for hire with 6-years’ experience in blogging, web content creation and blog posts writing. He’s currently interested in teaching people how to make money online, and writing articles on health, business, food, travel, lifestyle and technology.  

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