5 Effective Marketing Strategies to Reach Generation Z

Generation Z, which consists of people born between 1996 and 2013, is set to make up the majority of consumers in the future. Being a demographic that grew up with the internet and social media and values visual communication, it calls for adjustment of marketing strategies by brands in readiness for their consumerism. Here are five marketing strategies to adopt if you want to reach and appeal the Generation Z demographic.

1. Sell Experiences

Gen Zers love to share their experiences. Instead of highlighting the great features of your product or services, please focus on the value they bring and how they make consumers feel. To do this, you need to identify what makes your brand unique and the perception of your brand by your customers.

Create an experience to associate with your product and capitalize on it as a marketing tool. You’ll get the attention of Zoomers and have them want to interact with your brand if you offer them something to talk about with their friends. Remember to be authentic to avoid looking like you are trying too hard to relate with the young people.

2. Video Marketing is Everything

About 85 percent of young people use YouTube for various reasons like entertainment and learning purposes. Seeing how YouTube is popular with Generation Z, video marketing is an asset you should incorporate into your marketing strategy. Consider creating a YouTube channel for your brand to have Generation Z interested in what you offer.

While YouTube is the best marketing channel for videos, other platforms like Instagram stories, Snapchat, and even your website are viable options. The good thing is that you can tweak the videos you create and use them in social media and email marketing.

3. Amplify Your Values and Show Support for Social Issues

Generation Z is known to associate with what they believe in and will quickly boycott anything that goes against their values. To appeal to this group, show that you care about their interests as well as social issues and always communicate your brand’s values. Also, learn what social issues your target market is passionate and purpose to support it. Social responsibility will see Gen Z eager to associate with your brand for supporting a cause it believes in.

4. Work with Influencers

Working with influencers will give you more success in marketing to Generation Z members as they like being part of a movement. They also prefer the internet-famous people close to their age who they can relate to. Partner with influencers when pushing your brand as Zoomers are more likely to take up recommendations and make buying decisions based on a relatable influencer.

If you can’t access mega influencers, micro-influencers (individuals with a following of between 1000 and 100000) are a great alternative. Micro-influencers portray greater authenticity than their counterparts and have more engagements, which will positively impact your campaigns.

5. Optimize for Each Social Media Platform

Gen Zers can engage with up to 5 screens at once, according to the Forbes. While this makes them more unreachable as they juggle multiple platforms, it also means that you have more marketing channels. However, you need to ensure that the content you put out is optimized for that specific platform for better user experience and achievement of your content marketing objectives. For example, use Snapchat to show your brand’s human side and Instagram to appeal to your audience’s aspirations.

By following the above tips, you can reach Generation Z and set your brand on the path to success.

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